I am Giulia.

Born in Italy, every day I satisfied my thirst for art and music.

I'm primarily a violinist: after finishing my music formation at the Conservatory of Riva del Garda (Trento), I have experimented different genres, up to get interested in modern and contemporary music. I spent several years to perfect myself in classical music, taking part in orchestras, participating in concerts in various Italian theaters and Europe, until I felt the need to create my own musical identity through the soul, swing, pop, up to even arrive in electronic and house music.

I am an artist because, after finishing my formation at

the Foundation Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, I started to represent the whole reality, when in my mind turns into poetry.

I love to take with me painting and music as two children, where I play the violin expose painting, where I expose painting, play the violin.

For some years, I unearthed a musical performance, in which, dressed as a pilot and with my violin, I accompany the plane or helicopter, during his performance in flight.


The show I called AERO VIOLINO or for flight of the helicopter, HELI VIOLINO.