-- 8 March 2019, Cagliari (CA), at the TV studios of Sardegna1, guest at the episode of "ROSSO BLU 98".

- 1 March 2019, Ploaghe (SS), Contemporary Art Exhibition "EMPATIA", at the former Capuchin Convent. Artistic Director: Francesco Dau. Concert "Recalling the poet of the last ... Fabrizio de Andrè" (violin, Giulia Odorizzi - guitar / vocals, Carlo Moretti - drums / perc., Eliseo Muraglia - guitar / vocals, Pierangelo Cossu) and paintings exhibition.

- October 6th, 2018, Caiolo Airport (SO), Air Show, exhibition of paintings and musical performance with helicopter piloted by Bruno Piasini.

- 28th September 2018, Padova (PD), Kandinsky Award "Music and Color" at "QueenArtStudio Gallery" by Maria Grazia Todaro, Riviera Tito Livio, 75, Padova, with the special guest star Red Canzian of the famous music italian group "Pooh".  Accompaniment of violin with the Sardinian drummer Eliseo Muraglia.

- 26th August 2018, Perfugas (SS), International Sardinia Jazz Festival, exhibition of paintings and artistic organization, together with the artistic director Eliseo Muraglia.

- 11,12,13 May 2018, Castiglione del lago (Perugia), "Spring Meeting", air show, violin performance with helicopter and exhibition of paintings.

- November 16, 2017, Bellinzona (Switzerland), "Open Space in Forms and Colors" Exhibition of Charities from November 17 to December 10, 2017, for the 20 years of the Bellinzona Patricians Foundation at "Open Space". Violinist performances along with drummer Eliseo Muraglia, during the inauguration of the event and paintings exhibition.

- August 18, 2017, Perfugas (SS), AJO 'JAZZ INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, paintings and musical performances under the artistic direction of Eliseo Muraglia, drummer and percussionist, music teacher in many schools in the hinterland,     he has developed many experiences with the most famous Sardinian jazz musicians, numerous bands and in his training there are also the seminars followed by the musician "Tullio De Piscopo".

- February 18, 2017, Bergamo, AGRI TRAVEL & SLOW TRAVEL EXPO, at the Expo of Bergamo, "Entertainment music that unites", 11 young talents under the artistic direction of art director Victor Acunzo. Violin Performance;

- November 11, 2016, Padova, Padova ART EXPO, painting exhibition "The World of Artificial Horizont" more violin performance at the event opening and aperitif at the stand of Queen Art Gallery Studio Gallery of Maria Grazia Todaro;

- July 21, 2016, Bellinzona (Switzerland), opening of the Festival "Bellinzona Beatles Day" as a violinist, with the participation of the following artists: Formula 3, Le Orme, George Merk, The Scroll, Fausto Leali, The Land Nowher


 - June 20, 2016, Vigonza (PD), EXPO INTERNATIONAL VISUAL ARTS, AWARD FROM BONAVENTURE Peraga: on display with Dalì,    with the art connoisseur and critic José Van Roy Dalì and the famous italian actor-director Ricky Tognazzi.  At the Castle from Dei Peraga;

- June 12, 2016, Airfield Dovera (CR), ROTOR SHOW, violin performances for the first time by helicopter, called ELI VIOLINO, and     art displays;

- May 21, 2016, Rome, at AVIATOR HOME, received AURATA medal in the artistic field by NORMAN ACCADEMY;

- 7 to 8 May 2016, San Stino di Livenza (VE), "All in Flight 2016" air show at Livenza Park, Airfields Club Flight BLUEARROWS. AEROVIOLINO performance and exhibition space at Booth AVMAP pilot Raimondo Cannella;

- April 30, 2016, Forli' (FC), direct TV program "Bside" On New network channel 110 of the dgt and direct Streaming NuovaRete.com, artistic presentation and violin performance;

- March 17, 2016, Rome, paintings exhibition at NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE GUARD OF HONOUR TO REAL GRAVES                   THE PANTHEON on the occasion of the 155th Anniversary Unification of Italy;

- March 13, 2016, at the restaurant Cà Lozzio, paintings and musical performance display - Piavon Oderzo (TV) for the                    128 clubs Alpago - Tricolor Arrows and the company of two pilots italian aerobatic team;

- February 28, 2016, Bassano del Grappa (VI), TV format filming "SPOTLIGHT ON ART" in the magnificent hall Hotel Belvedere            of Bassano del Grappa;

- December 23, 2015, Mantova (MN), violin performance during the Gala Dinner and Awards winners "Mantov'Art Star Award 2015";

- December 2015, Mantova (MN), group exhibition at "Mantov'Art Star Award 2015" in the Art Gallery office Valentina Marongiu,      in collaboration with QueenArtStudio Maria Grazia Todaro and art critic Gianfranco Ferlisi;

- December 6, 2015, Montefano (MC), recording music video clip "Cities Are Strange" (cover "All My The City" the Equipe 84), sung by Daniel Cangi "Cartoonia Revolution";

- November 5, 2015, Rome, exhibition, Chapter Hall of the Palace of the Dominicans in Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, during "Roman Living." The theme, in conjunction with the historical date of November 4: "FEATHERS IN THE WIND IN VICTORY", dedicated to the exploits of Sharpshooters during the Great War. The cultural association Tiberina Rome, which established since 2009 Roman living room, has in fact been credited in the official program of the commemorations of the centenary of the First World War by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers;

- June 4, 2015, Rome, Circle Futurist exhibition and violin performance, "Art and Violin to tell the Great War";

- April 25, 2015 Castiglione del lago (Perugia), "Spring Meeting" air show, violin performances and art displays;

- 8 to 14 September 2014, Verona, art collective at Office Automation;

- August 31, 2014, Istrana (Treviso), AEROVIOLINO performances and art displays;

- June 22, 2014, Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso), exhibition space at the Expo of Aviation on the occasion of the day "Baracca day" dedicated to the hero of the First World War pilot Francesco Baracca;

- From April to November 2014, exhibition of paintings aviation theme at Kairos Garda Hotel Castelnuovo del Garda (Verona);

- May 25, 2014, Vigevano (Pavia), Airfield AIR CLASSIC AIRFIELD, Aero Party, violin performance AEROVIOLINO;

- September 15, 2013, Padova, Civil Airport Gino Allegri, violin performance AEROVIOLINO;

- Show "degenerate art" Verona, Church of San Giorgetto, Square Sant'Anastasia, reflections in the audio / image / words on artistic censorship, 2 to 4 April 2012;